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Architects Kitchen

Just like the professional racing driver retires to a Porsche, the architect returns home to a Leicht kitchen. Renowned architectural projects like the Tainan clubhouse in Taiwan are fitted with Leicht kitchens. For the architect, choosing a kitchen is a simple choice.

From humble Beginnings

Nearly a century ago two brothers Alois and Josef Leicht started a humble carpentry firm. Leicht is still family owned to this day and is proud of its origins but they are now a Global luxury kitchen manufacturer with state of the art factories near Stuttgart in Germany employing nearly 700 people.

Les Couleurs x Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier

Les Couleurs

In the 1930s Corbusier developed the colour system “Architectural Polychromy”. A purist palate that’s used by design professionals and architects alike to change how we feel about the spaces around us. All the shades are architectural and interestingly work in any combination.

A renowned French/Swiss architect, photographer and painter who was once referred to by Art Magazine as the “Leonardo of the Modern Age” is seen as the most influential architect of the Modern Age.

LEICHT has an exclusive licence to offer Le Corbusier’s registered colour palette “Les Couleurs®” for kitchen planning which helps better connect living and kitchen areas through colour.

Townhouse Design & Leicht

20 Years

We have proudly been designing and selling luxury kitchens and interiors for nearly two decades. We have lots of experience and ensure that your project is uniquely yours; perfectly suited to your tastes, preferences and design specifications.

Trusted Partner

When you choose to partner with Townhouse Design, we work closely with you and your choice of leading architect, builder, and/or interior designer to ensure a cohesive and flawless process. Likewise, we personally and directly work with manufacturers enabling the best pricing, design precision, order accuracy, and competitive lead times.

CO2 Neutral

It is necessary to compensate for CO₂ emissions throughout the entire production chain to achieve a climate-neutral production process. LEICHT achieves a climate neutral production process by implementing a number of its own measures as well as supporting international projects promoting climate-neutral energy production.

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